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Southern Regional Yo-Y Contest 2018

Saturday 24th November 2018

Hi everyone!

This year's UK Southern Regional Yo-Yo Contest has now been booked - please find all the information you need below.

Please pop on over to the SRC 2018 Event page and pre-register if you plan to attend:

BYYA Sanctioned : Yes
Head Organiser(s) : Luke Roberts / Stephen Langley
Head Judge: Simon Blount

When: Saturday November 24th,
Where: Brighton Electric
Train Station : Brighton


Brighton Electric
Tramway House
43-45 Coombe Terrace
Lewes Road


Single A
Trick Ladder
International Open

--- SCHEDULE ---

To be posted shortly

--- SPONSORS ---

CORE Sponsors:

Smashing Yo-yo Company

Supporting Sponsors:

Magic YoYo

**Schedule will be posted shortly**

Registered for 1A (18)
Alex Harvey (panzerhacker)
Alex Matheson (Alpie_)
Andy Jones (Andycandles)
Armani G-W (ArmaniG-W)
Coleslaw_joe (Coleslaw_joe)
HaiYi Wen (HaiYi Wen)
Huang Yangyang (Huang Yangyang)
Jack Morris (zthebadger)
Jools Bosman (Jools Bosman)
Josh V (Ciczlow)
Luna (sonicpineapple)
Marcus Osborne (Marcus Osborne 2)
Mohammed (Mk67007)
Paul Sargent (PaulS)
Reece Collins-Powell (Meister)
Sitta Nattasomboon (Sitta Nattasomboon)
Timmy Kwaskowski (tkwask)
Victor Sacchelli (Victor Sacchelli)

Registered for InternationalOpen (6)
Daniel Capilla (Decete)
Ge Planas Bonell (ge4yo)
Huang Yangyang (Huang Yangyang)
Kevin Le Yin (19990223Kevin)
Paul Damade (kaptain_napalm)
YIXING TAN (yixing.tan)

Registered for X (8)
Azim Jameel (imjustajim)
Cameron Matheson (GreatBigPillock)
Huang Yangyang (Huang Yangyang)
Luna (sonicpineapple)
Luqman "Gary" Azam (robobug227)
Tony Zheng (Tony Zheng)
YIXING TAN (yixing.tan)
zhichao zhao (